Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And "Unite the Union" - now merged with the United Steelworkers in the U.S. - made a wonderful video explaining why workers must support the Cuban Five.

See it here:

Be with Family members of the Cuban 5 - in Tijuana on Friday, Dec. 5!

Unions Demand Rights of Olga and Adriana!

Register Now! Pay online!

2008 Labor Tour helps build Tijuana Conference

Help build participation in the V-Cuba/Venezuela/Latin America/North America Trade Union Conference in Tijuana - Dec. 5, 6, 7, 2008.

From Sept. 30 - Oct. 14, Latin American union leaders from Colombia and Nicaragua toured the U.S. talking with workers and activists about the advances made through ALBA - the Bolivarian Alternative to the imperialist free trade agreements; the Bank of the South; Petro-Caribe; the Yo si puedo literacy method arming people throughout Latin America with the weapon of knowledge; the operation milago correcting impaired vision that prevented people from gaining literacy; the struggle of the workers and Indigenous people in Colombia where nearly 50 union leaders have been assassinated this year alone; free education re-instituted in Nicaragua since the Sandinistas gained office; and much more. The Conference in Tijuana is the next step.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Register and Pay online!

It's only seven weeks until the Fifth Cuba/Venezuela/North America/Latin America Labor Conference - register and pay now online!

Want to Register and pay online with charge card? Here's how at

1) Click on DONATE button (upper right at, follow instructions
2) Conference Registration is $55 (an additional $25 donation is requested for the special Free the Five dinner)
3) Enter the dollar amount - $55 or $80 (or more, if you can afford an additional donation to help with costs.) You and the labor exchange will both receive an email receipt that will be used at the conference to confirm your payment.
4) Send the info on the form below to

THEN - Make your hotel registration at Hotel Palacio Azteca, request the Cuba Labor Conference rate that includes breakfast and Saturday dinner (Send your hotel confirmation number to and receive a FREE DVD compliments of - Choose One: Mission Against Terror; One Man's Story: Philip Agee, Cuba, and the CIA, or Posada Carriles: Terrorism made in USA.) (If you have any problems with reserving a hotel room, please let us know - call: 313 587 9285.)

Conference Registration/ Datos para su inscripción a la Conferencia:


Address/Direccion:______________________________City,State, Zip/Ciudad, Estado, Zona postal:______________________

Phone/Telefono:_____________Fax:______________ Email/Correo Electronico:_____________________________________


[ ] Enclosed is my registration fee of $ 55 U.S. dollars ([ ] additional donation $25 requested - special Free the Five dinner, Friday)

[ ] I would like to give a donation of $ ________ for a low-income participant.

[ ] Envio mi registro y mi donacion de 55 dolares US y quisiera aportar la cantidad de $_______para aquellos participantes de bajo ingreso. ([ ] donación adicional - 25 dolares – una cena especial – viernes – por Los Cincos)

Make checks payable to: Labor Exchange
Haga los chekes pagables a: Labor Exchange

US/Cuba Labor Exchange ● P.O. BOX 39188 ● Redford MI 48239 ● Phone/Fax: (313) 587 9285
● Email:

Reservations can be made at: Reservaciones de Hotel:

Hotel Palacio Azteca
Blvd Cuauhtemoc Sur #213 Colonia Davila
22400 Tijuana, Mexico

*Toll Free from USA 1 888 901 3720 Toll Free From Mexico 01 8000266660
Single/Sencilla Room $98 U.S. Dollars • Double/Doble Room $141 U.S. Dollars
(This will included two breakfasts and one dinner)
(Este precio incluye dos desayunos y una cena)

Please mention the/Favor de mencionar para un descueanto al:
Cuba Labor Conference to get the discounted price.
Reservations should be made as soon as possible/Realice su reservación lo antes possible.
*If you have a problem please call 313 587 9285 or