Wednesday, November 11, 2009

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Camisa de Tony

Olga Salanueva, Wife of Cuban Five Hero to attend Tijuana Conference

Olga y Adriana

Olga Salanueva with daughter Ivette Gonzalez Salanueva

As part of the Sixth Annual Labor Conference in Tijuana Mexico, a special evening in support of the Cuban Five will be featuring Olga Salanueva, wife of Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Five political prisoners held in the US.

The Cuban Five were arrested in 1998 and accused of conspiracy and other related charges. They were monitoring terrorists groups in Miami to protect the lives of Cuban and American citizens as well. They are serving long and outrageous sentences in five US prisons spread out around the country. The Five are considered heroes in their country and enjoy the support from thousands of people around the world. While these five innocent men are languishing in US prisons, admitted terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles continue to be protected by past and this new administration.
In addition to the unjust sentences against the Five, the US government has denied two of them the basic human right to be visited by their wives.

Olga y Adriana

Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez, wife of Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez respectively have not been able to travel to the US to see their husbands. Adriana has not seen Gerardo for 11 years and Olga has not seen Rene for 9 years.


The program will also include a short video of Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple," from the recent opening of an art exhibit of original paintings by Antonio Guerrero in Berkeley, California.
Friday December 4th, from 6pm-11pm
Hotel Palacio Azteca
Blvd. Cuauhtémoc Sur #213 Colonia Dávila
Tijuana, Mexico

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Organized by the The International Committee for Freedom of the Cuban Five and the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange

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